czwartek, 15 sierpnia 2019

Vintage? Why not.

today I will show you all some picks from Zapaka. Zapaka is one of the coolest websites I have ever seen. Every girl sometimes dreams about a time vehickle to go back to past years to try on some amazing trends on. Now it is possible thank to Zapaka. This website is full of vintage dresses in many colors, sizes and in very good prices. I have also good information for all of you. You can use discount code: BLOG10 and get 10% off entire order. (It's one use per customer). Why not try it? 
Zapaka has also an Yotube channel. I checked it out and I truly loved one video about Polka Dots Party Dresses. Let's watch it. 

Now I'm gonna show you my favs from Zapaka. 
Let's welcome my Top 3.

This is for sure my favourite dress ever. It's just so elegant and classy. I reallylove the lace sleeves and the length of them. It's really one of the best choices for any occasion. 

This one is just so retro. I really love the color and the print of it. The belt is also unique and the buttons on the front make the dress really special and original. I would definetely wear it for the party or prom!

Last but not least this classy red dress. It's just really simple but also very chic. It looks girly and the red belt with big bow makes it special. You can also buy a matching choker to complete the outfit.

I hope you liked it. Check the other offers on this website. Worth it!

Till the next time. <3

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  1. Ta czarna i czerwona sukienka wymiata! Bardzo mi się podobają


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